Finds Nº28: which tools, UX extras, whither Wikipedia, what the Facebook, oh Pluto and design fictions

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– Adrian Wiggins

The evolution of office communication (stars Jack Lemmon)

The evolution of office communication (stars Jack Lemmon)

“A thread through all of this is communication, which prompted the slide above (created in PowerPoint, of course). Communication changes from a typed memo hand-carried to your desk in a manila internal mail envelope, to a carefully-laid-out presentation laboriously crafted in PowerPoint (maybe emailed, maybe presented on screen, maybe printed), to threads in Slack, a chat app with third-party service and data integrations.”

» Office, messaging and verbs via MediaREDEF

Transport follows human flows then reshapes them

Watch the transport systems of 249 cities

“Transit Visualization Client, or TRAVIC, takes public data from 249 transportation networks, across five continents, and puts them onto one, animated map.”


What about the bikes?!

Design fiction for cyclists

“New User Experiences for cyclists is the first in a series of speculative design films from the Future Cities Catapult. The film contains five sketch prototypes of potential new cycling experiences based on existing or near-future technologies. These were conceived in response to challenges such as wayfinding, safety or air quality.”


+ #designfictions

+ IoT 2014 Design Fiction awards

UX Extras

Somehow, dear reader, I left out some XL ace UX links in Finds #27.

  • Core Pages. This one is so hot right now. Very 2015 (along with #JTBD). Lately I’ve been springboarding from Core Pages into the old skool Design Studio Method (and these links go with a special shout out to reader Peter W for reminding me).
  • Workshop Toolbox – a natty toolbox for your sharpies, postits and lollies. Those things don’t organise themselves you know.
  • UX Drinking Game – make sure to include some spirits and mixers in your kit.
  • UX Dilemmas #12: Should I use a carousel? If you haven’t had this discussion you haven’t designed your homepage yet.
Should I use a carousel?

Mostly, no, you shouldn’t. Except if you’re the Rijksmuseum (permission granted).


Pluto with new features

All your Pluto are belong to us

Wiki v Facebook

Haifa v Querétaro street art stop motion mind lfip

Haifa v Querétaro street art stop motion mindlfip

“In 2013, Broken Fingaz–a street art group composed of four young people from Haifa, Israel–took to Querétaro, Mexico in order to cover La Fábrica de Hércules in street art so astounding (and unsettling!) that it has to be seen to be believed.”

» BROKEN FINGAZ – “La Fabrica” via