Finds Nº27: the user experience supercut

This post first appeared as as Nº 27 in our Finds newsletter, shortly after the 2015 Remix Sydney conference.

UX was a recurring theme at the recent conference with talks by Henry Cho and Seb Chan focusing on the role of UX in innovation. I was even asked for a UX reading list. So this edition of the finds had a heaped serve of UX with a veer into Design Thinking.

– Adrian Wiggins

How critical is user experience design to the Cooper Hewitt?

Seb Chan

The case for thorough-going UX sometimes isn’t effectively made until framed in terms of strategic value for a business. Seb Chan, ex-pat Director of Digital & Emerging Technologies at the newly re-opened Cooper-Hewitt museum in NY, spoke at the Remix Sydney conference on what user experience design has delivered for the museum:

  • By designing experiences for all ages and abilities (with easy adoption resulting in low rejection), the diversity of visitors has increased, and
  • they dwell longer – around more playful and engaging interactives.
  • Visitor satisfaction follows – love racks up with points one and two, resulting in
  • repeat visitation – and visitors are bringing their friends along too.
  • Meanwhile, on the inside, innovation is driven by the ambitious UX culture, which leads to
  • designed interfaces revealing a greater body of the collection not on physical display.

So that’s what you can get with UX, but how do you get there?

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