PandA Finds Nº33: Digital Transformation, the fate of innovation, Dresden’s trailer, grammar, Lego, GoPro

Adrian Wiggins | Friday, 6 November 2015

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The Australian Government Digital Transformation Office has opened in Sydney in the new Dr Chau Chak Wing building at UTS. Modeled on the design team (and importing some of the leaders from that crew) the DTO has already released a 14-point Digital Service Standard.

This Standard will in time, I believe, become a de facto standard applied to all .gov domains – state and local included – and the cultural sector too, of course.


+ Digital Service Standard

+ Design Principles

Meanwhile, the fate of innovation labs

… sometimes, is to be wound down.

“Rather than just a team focused on innovation, it’s now everyone’s job.”

» Nordstrom shrinks Innovation Lab

Fortunately, before winding down, Nordstrom Innovation Lab gave us this hands-down winner diagram that artfully weaves design thinking, lean startup and agile in a meaningful process story.


  • Agile Discovers a Solution
  • Lean Startup Discovers a Problem
  • Design Thinking Discovers Customers
  • Lean Discovers Efficiency


Digital as a dimension of everything

From 2013 but worth reprising in the context of the above. John Stack, then Head of Digital Transformation at Tate, spoke about the museum’s hub-and-spoke model for digital governance in Museopunks ep #13.

» Digital as a dimension of everything | Museopunks

+ @stacker

Dresden trailer launched at the Maker Space


Image: Adrian Wiggins / Pure and Applied

Bruce Jeffreys and Jason McDermott have gone next level with their disruptive Dresden Eyewear business (see Finds 32).

Last night, at the Maker Space in Marrickville, Bruce, Jason and friends launched their Dresden trailer, which will take the business on the road to the remote and regional areas, the festivals, and (my personal favourite) the beaches of Australia.

» Dresden Eyewear + @dresdenoptics

+ Maker Space

Chomsky & Krauss

I’m working on a project that has talks in it, and I came across this in my rambles. For the Chomksyists and Kraussists amongst you.

» Chomsky & Krauss: An Origins Project Dialogue

Drone ride in a library

This also from a while back, but on my mind for its transferable ideas to a factory-related project. “Shot with a DJI Phantom and both a Hero3 Black and an iPhone 5S. Slowed down with Twixtor in After Effects to make up for the glaring lack of a Gimbal.”

» Flying a Drone around The NY Public Library

GoPro to the dogs

Just go.

Trust me people, the reality is way more entertaining.

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An interactive guide to ambiguous grammar


This fun guide ends on a very powerful and sobering note. Read through for full effect.

“Depending on whom you ask, the use of the active voice over the passive is arguably the most fundamental writer’s maxim, thought to lend weight, truth, and power to declarative statements. This absolutist view is flawed, however, because language is an art of nuance. … As a thought experiment, let’s examine in extremely close detail a set of iterative changes that can be made to a single simple grammatical structure, turning it from a statement taken at face value into one loaded with unrealized implication.”

» An interactive guide to ambiguous grammar | McSweeney’s

Tumblr du jour:


“When someone suggests something terrible that could actually work.”

» + @uxreactions

New PandA site

Speaking of UX – the new Pure and Applied website (that’s this website) is open for viewing.

Props to my crew: creative direction by Jinga Design, WordPress implementation by CJWeb.



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