PandA Finds Nº34: storytelling and design for impact, plan before you work

Adrian Wiggins | Friday, 26 February 2016

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Design for innovation and social impact

Innovation shell

NESTA head sherang Geoff Mulgan, inventor of the social impact bond, is in Australia at the moment doing the rounds and talking about design for social impact.  This diagram is one he uses to articulate the pathway to social innovation.

Innovation is sometimes written about as an almost magical process. But it is wrong to see innovation as a mystery. It is true that innovation is rarely simple or predictable, but looking closely at what actually happens, it is also true that the overall innovation process is structured and systematic.

Although every real innovation is a complex story of loops and jumps, there are various stages that most innovations pass through. This framework is useful for understanding how to put ideas to work, and focusing on the different methods, and different mindset, needed at each stage.



The current spending squeeze in the UK means that there is more interest than ever, both in tools to achieve greater value, and ones that can tap new sources of finance for social goals.


Te Papa, a cultural enterprise incubator

Te Papa is embarking on a programme of renewal that will, among other things, re-look at the purpose of a museum and its potential to involve, inspire and catalyse its users and communities to become agents of change. In this context, Te Papa is starting up an incubator to give entrepreneurs a platform for digital and experiential product innovation in the culture sector. A start-up itself, over the next year it will be learning its way to ‘product/market fit’. This is a chance to find out more about what’s planned, and feed your voice into the process.


+ but sometimes labs are just about gratification… Innovation labs: they’re all about the show, not the performance (ie: don’t be one of those)

+ Top 6 Predictions for Service Design in 2016

Storytelling for impact

Unilever’s Lifebuoy has a social impact program to bring safe water to communities in need. Video narratives were wrapped around that purpose-led work, in a way that deeply affected some viewers – real tearjerkers. The early videos though felt slightly staged, which is why perhaps this latest one aims for a more authentic feel.

» Latest: + their original video

+ MasterFoods’ campaign Who would you most like to have dinner with?

+ Western Sydney University’s Deng Thiak Adut story – which has cast WSU in a whole new light

+ For kicks, Mumbrella’s best ads of 2015

Measure twice, cut once

Bowl with Arabic Inscription | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The calligraphic decoration on this 10th century Persian bowl says, in part, “Planning before work protects you from regret.” “The shortening, bending, and elongation of the letters has transformed the words into abstract motifs of tremendous power.”

» Bowl with Arabic Inscription | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

via @sreetips

Somehow more engaging than the PMBOK.

+ The Met explains its new identity


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